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5 Ways to Include Your Pets in Your Big Day!

Photo by Zack Goldsmith Photography

Many of us have our little fur baby’s that we love and we know are part of our family. Yet, how do we incorporate them into the wedding? There are many ways to include them, starting out with the obvious, to smaller gestures, to help you feel like they were there all along!

1. Have them walk down the aisle!

Are your pets well-trained? Add them to the bridal party by sending them to walk down the aisle. Not only does this allow your pet to be present for your special moment, but the guests will love it! Spice it up by adding a collar to the theme of the wedding or adding a bow to their collar. Either way, it sure will be a fun surprise for the guests!

2. Include them during photos!

Maybe your pet is not the best when it comes to training and direction, no worries! Including them in photos can be a great and memorable way to have them be there when you tie the knot. In a few years, you will look back at the photos and remember how nice it was to have them pose for a few photos. Even better, give them a bath beforehand or send them to the groomer for an even fresher look!

3. Have a signature drink named after them!

A cute way to add a personal touch to your wedding is to have signature drinks, so why not have your pet be the star of the show? Whether it is an espresso martini for your beagle or a tequila sunrise for your goldfish, it can be a great way to have them be there on your special day and keeps the guests entertained!

4. Include them in your stationery!

There are many unique ways to add your pet to your stationery. When sending out invitations, think about how cute it would be to have a wax seal with their face on it! Or on your wedding day itself, you could do some custom printed napkins with a line drawing of your fur baby so they are a part of the day from afar!

5. Include them in your wedding cake!

Although it is a small gesture, it can be a super quick and fun way to have your pet be a part of your wedding. Whether it is a cake topper of your pet or simply having the cake be the colour of their fur, it can feel like they never missed out on the big day!

There are so many ways to include your pets in your happy day, but these are some suggestions to get you thinking! Whatever it may be, there are always ways to let them be present when you say “I do.”

Photos by Chelle Wootten Photography

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