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Dj or Band?

Ultimately, hiring a DJ or band for your wedding comes down to your personal preferences, budget, and how you want the atmosphere to be. However, we can give you some tips and tricks to help you decide!


A DJ tends to have almost an unlimited amount of song selections to play, they can accommodate you by playing your style of music or a mix of different genres. This can be great for when your guests are a mix of people who like different things, so everything can be played and they can all be satisfied!

Furthermore, hiring a DJ is more budget-friendly than hiring a band since they usually have their own equipment and are by themselves, making it more cost-effective. Bands may be better at audience engagement, but DJs can also take song requests, which can encourage people to step out on the dance floor!


A band is usually hired when you have a specific genre or style of music you prefer. Whether it is an upbeat or chill jazz band, they tend to stick to the music they know how to play best!

Budget-wise, bands are more on the pricey side since they might require certain equipment, include multiple members and depending on their popularity their rates may be higher. However, when it comes to live performance and interaction, bands can engage the audience very well and it creates a personal touch to your wedding day. Guests love live bands since it creates a unique and memorable experience, it's not too often that you get to watch and dance to a live band!

Another option you can consider is to include both! Some couples like to have a DJ for the majority of the night and include the band for specific times during the day such as cocktail hour or reception. Before you decide, also contact your venue and ask if they have the right spacing and restrictions in place. Some venues might not allow bands due to a lack of space or volume levels. Whatever you choose, you and your guests will enjoy! Both can create a fun experience allowing everybody to dance the night away!

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