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Pretty In Pink At The Keltic

Located on the cliffs of Ingonish Beach, sits the beautiful Keltic Lodge. This venue sits very close to home, as it was my home for three summers. Growing up in Cape Breton, I had spent many days at Ingonish beach, looking up at the cliffs to see that large red and white "castle". Fast-forward to my second year of university when I needed a co-op placement. I had applied to be a Guest Service Agent, and got the job! I didn't realize it at the time, but that summer is what started my career...

The next summer I took on the role of Assistant Events Coordinator at the Keltic Lodge. During that season I met so many wonderful vendors, including the lovely girls at Elegant Productions, which led me to my job as an Associate Wedding Coordinator there. This past summer, I returned to the Keltic Lodge and took on the position of the Events Manager as I was launching KM Wedding & Event Co.

When arriving back to the Keltic this past summer, my intentions were to work front desk while focussing on my company (That quickly changed). I had been brought back to such a beautiful place, how could I not take advantage of all the beautiful backdrops for styled shoots!! One of the many great things about the Keltic is that no matter where you look, you are looking at a beautiful view! My first styled shoot of the summer sat on the back deck of Ceilidh Hall, overlooking Cape Smokey and the ocean. It was simple and feminine, that included a small table for two.

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