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Easter Dinner Decor During COVID-19

Easter dinner this year was a bit different than usual... Easter is typically a time for family. For me, Easter is usually waking up at my parent's house in Cape Breton, heading downstairs with my parents and siblings to make a big homemade brunch. We would hang out until it is time to head to my grandparents for dinner. Dinner would be a large turkey and ham feast with my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents. This year I missed my family a little bit extra (and my grandfather's amazing mashed potatoes).

I love holidays for many reasons, first being spending time with family and eating an amazing dinner, but I also love holidays because it gives me an excuse to decorate... When I head to Cape Breton, I am usually the one who sets the table, and my mom and I spend days planning how we are going to design it! But this easter I stayed home in Halifax with my boyfriend Lucas and we hosted our own Easter dinner for two.

This year was different, because of COVID-19 we are required to stay home to protect our community. Not only did I stay home for the day, but I also did not prep for Easter beforehand like I would have if things had been normal. That means my design had to be based off of what I had in the house... I am definitely very lucky because I am a wedding planner and naturally have lots of decor laying around from past styled shoots, events and bridal shows.

If you know me, you probably know I love the colour pink. I own a lot of pink... Soooo that means my table would have to be pink! We moved the table to the center of the room and started to pull pieces that would look nice and give a spring vibe.

I used plates and napkins from our Atlantic Wedding Showcase booth, candlesticks from a shoot last summer, redesigned some fake florals, cutlery from our kitchen, candles from Yummi ( I always have a few Yummi Candles around) and our only actual Easter decor was two Bunnies! We threw it all together and I am pretty happy with the results. When we sat down to eat, I definitely felt a little "extra" but I had so much fun creating something joyful and making the best out of a day that couldn't be normal this year.



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