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Atlantic Wedding Showcase

One week ago today marked KM Weddings & Event Co's very first bridal show! We participated in the Atlantic Wedding Showcase at the Cunard Centre here in Halifax. The show was filled with lots of amazing vendors and so many beautiful bride and groom to-be's!

My bridal booth all started with a simple sketch I did on my iPad. For my first bridal show, I really wanted my booth to represent my brand... So this meant it had to be pink and simple, but elegant.

A few days after drawing my sketch, as I was scrolling through Instagram, I found the chairs... I took that as a sign that my sketch was meant to be! Over the next few weeks, I had kept my eyes peeled for pieces that would work with my vision. With multiple trips to thrift stores and Michaels, I was able to bring my vision to life!!

I would like to thank my grandfather for building the backdrop that tied the whole booth together! When I first presented him with the idea, we were concerned as to how to get it from Cape Breton to Halifax for easy transportation, as well as how to make it as fast and easy to set up. In the end, the backdrop easily fit in my small hatchback car and only took 8 screws to set up!! It was a dream!!!!

All the pieces below have been added to my collection and are available to KM Wedding & Event Co clients!



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