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Advice to the Newly Engaged

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just taken a huge step and entered a new chapter of your life! This chapter can be very exciting, but can also be overwhelming. We have pulled together our best tips to help ensure you get the best out of these next few months.

Tip #1:Take in the Moment

The moment you or your significant other proposes can be a surreal and emotional experience. It is very common to want to run and tell all of your friends what just happened, you may even want to post a picture on instagram of your new fiancé & sparkly ring. The first piece of advice I would like to give, is to take in the moment and spend time with your fiancé. Don't cut the date short or rush home to make an announcement. This moment only happens once, so enjoy it!!

The next step is to make those important calls or visits before letting the whole world know! There are some people who should find out the amazing news directly from you, rather than from social media or second hand. Once again take in the moment! This is exciting news and you immediate family and close friends will want to take it in with you!

Once those select few friends and family know, decide how you want to let the rest of the world know!! If you want to post a picture, go for it! If you want to throw a party, go for it! Do what you want to do, and celebrate in what ever way makes you happy!

Tip #2: Talk About the Big Decisions Early

Do you want to have a big wedding? A small wedding? What is the budget? Who is paying for the wedding? Where do you want to host the wedding? These are all very big decisions. Making sure you are both on the same page early on, will help ensure wedding planning runs smooth.

Determining your guest count will help ensure you or your fiancé do not make the mistake of accidentally inviting the whole town to your wedding! If you plan on having a small wedding, don't be afraid to tell people that you haven't finalized your guest list, or that you are having a small intimate wedding.

Determining your budget early on will help you have a realistic view on what to expect for your wedding! Weddings can be a huge financial stress. If you don't have the budget to have all the bells and whistles, that's okay!! Determine a number that you both can justify and that will not damage your bank account.

Do not assume someone else is paying for the wedding without having the conversation. Make sure you know exactly what they are willing to spend and how involved they want to be. The chances are, if they are paying, they are going to want to have control... Are you comfortable with that?

Your wedding location is also a big decision! Do you want to get married where you live? Where you are from? Where your fiancé is from? or do you want to get married at a total destination location? Creating a pros & cons list can be extremely helpful in this decision. Is there a reason holding you back from going where you want, such as a family member who is unable to travel? What is the availability of vendors at the locations you are considering? Will it cost you a fortune to get rentals to the location? Check out our blog on 'Finding The Perfect Venue', to learn more!

Tip #3: Have The Wedding You Want To Have

We live in a world where everybody has an opinion. Remember that this is your special day not theirs. You are the one who decides which opinions and advice you want to listen too. Even if you ask for an opinion, it is your decision if you want to follow their advise or not!

Tip #4: Start Booking Some Vendors

Is a wedding planner in your budget? If so, start doing your research sooner rather than later. The earlier you involve your wedding planner the better. They can help ensure you hire the right vendors and stay within budget. If a full service planner is not in the budget, perhaps a day of coordinator or a wedding consultation may be. Whatever service you choose, they can help direct you in the right path.

Venues, Photographers, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists book up extremely fast! If you have somebody in mind, reach out early on to ensure they are available for your wedding date.

Tip #5: Have An Engagement Shoot

Unless you work with photographers everyday, have lots of couple photos and you are both extremely comfortable in-front of the camera, go get an engagement shoot!!

There are soooo many reasons to get have an engagement shoot, starting with getting comfortable both in front of the camera and with your photographer! Most people do not have the opportunity to get professional photos taken, which leads to some awkwardness in front of the camera. If you have the opportunity to work through these kinks before your wedding, why wouldn't you take it! On the other side of things, you are going to be spending a good chunk of your wedding day with your photographer, so you better like them!



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